Best Different Makeup Styles – Normal Makeup Ideas For Skin, Lips and Eyes

Cool Makeup Ideas Being a woman, you have a versatile personality. You must work to show different aspects of it to the world. Of course, your attitude to deal with life, your dressing sense, your interpersonal skills help you show your attributes. But there is one thing which can tell others how cool you are when it comes to leading a normal, day-to-day life. It is the makeup you put on your face. Your choice and way of using makeup tell others a lot about your personality. It forms an impression of you on others, even without your knowing it.

Thus, makeup is important. Even more important is the way and manner you use it. If you lack makeup skills, you may use wrong colors, apply it inexpertly, and finally end up making a wrong and crude impression on others. However, do not worry too much. Work towards developing the makeup skill in yourself. The present article gives you some cool makeup ideas. Make use of them to define your look for different occasions. You need to use hit-and-trial method in the beginning to find the type and shades of makeup which suit you the best.

Cool Makeup Ideas For Skin
Whether you are a working woman or a housewife, you need to look focused, serious, soft and elegant, all at the same time. A woman has all these qualities, and so do you. You only need to present you the way you naturally are. Looking focused and sharp is necessary to win others trust and faith. Looking soft, calm and graceful is important to make your company comfortable and interesting. You should always choose and apply makeup which can keep you natural and fresh for hours. Always use good quality cosmetics as they stay fresh relatively for long hours. This will help you try several everyday makeup ideas in an impressive way.

You always need to apply makeup on a clean face. Either wash it with a mild and suitable face wash or wipe it with a cotton pad containing cleansing milk. You may use a face mask, which is suitable for your skin, to clean as well as nourish your face. Avoid using a cotton ball as it may leave streaks behind when wet with the product. Apply a body lotion with SPF if you have to go out in sun. Start the actual process of applying makeup with a foundation. It should blend well with your skin tone. Foundations of golden shade suit almost all skin tones and also goes well with almost any occasion, be it office or a cocktail party. You may benefit by reading on how to choose the perfect foundation.

If you have to stay under fluorescent lights for hours at home or in office, it is advisable to stay away from pink shade. This is because, it may give you a pale look under fluorescent lights. There are different types of foundation like cream, emulsion, cake, powder and liquid foundation. Use one which suits your skin type.To apply foundation like an expert, don’t put it on around your eyes. Putting foundation on the inside corners of the eyes may give you a caked and artificial look.

When you are done with applying foundation, wait for a couple of seconds to allow it to dry and settle well on your face. Put on concealer around your eyes, on blemishes and red spots. Using a right concealer is very important. Look for concealer reviews to find one which suits your skin as well as your budget. The concealer should blend well with your natural skin tone otherwise it may appear as fine lines and spots on your face. This will certainly prevent you from achieving a flawless finish and will make your face aesthetically unpleasing.

The third step to cool makeup ideas is to fix the makeup. Apply a face powder, again suitable for your skin tone, all over your face with the help of a makeup brush. The layer of powder will prevent your makeup from wearing off. Put some color in the form of blush on the apple of your cheeks. This will enhance your facial contour. If you have a dark skin tone, use brown or terracotta blushes. These colors are always found to blend well and brighten the face. In case you have a fair complexion, go for rose or chocolate blushes. These colors are always a hit, and look amazing on clean skin tones. Avoid using bright pink and red shades of blushes as they get easily noticed, and appear somewhat artificial to others.

Cool Makeup Ideas For Eyes
Your eyes define your physical and inner beauty. They do much of your talking. Thus, you should try your level best to highlight them in such a way that they catch others attention and tell them about your personality. There are numerous types of eye makeup possible. Almost all of them involve the use of an eyeliner as it defines and highlights an eye. Some of the most commonly used eyeliner styles are classic fashion, cat eye, smokey eye, funky and natural.

The classic style makes you look simple yet elegant. You need to apply only eyeliner. However, if you wish to put on eyeshadow, use the most natural shades. Apply the eyeliner in the form of a line on your eyelid. Start from the outer end and move towards inside. Run the eyeliner brush a couple of times on the outer half of the line to thicken it. In this particular type of thick eyeliner application, do not apply kohl or eyeliner on the lower eyelid.

To create cat eyeliner style, draw an even line on the upper eyelid and make it to flip upwards. Also draw a line on the lower eyelid and extend it outwards. Meet the line up with the upper eyelid line, and smudge the eyeliner in the portion where the two lines meet. Apply a dark eyeshadow. You must try your hands on it if you have small eyes. This will give them a wider look. For a smokey liquid eyeliner style, apply eyeshadow first and draw a thin line with the eyeliner on the upper eyelid. Make sure that the eyeshadow and eyeliner color match well with each other.

Now, blend the eyeliner line with the eyeshadow with the help of a brush. This will form a smeared and smokey look within minutes. To create a funky eye makeup, you should use a bright shaded eyeliner. Some examples are lime green, electric blue, purple, pink, etc. Apply a similar shade of eyeshadow. To choose the color of the eyeliner and eyeshadow, consider your skin tone and eye color. The natural eye makeup style involves the usage of a neutral color of an eyeliner. It emphasizes the natural contour of your eyes, and therefore works amazingly on large and beautiful eyes.

Cool Makeup Ideas For Lips
Lip makeup is as important as eye makeup. Lips are the body parts which naturally show your femininity. You should put on makeup on them in such a way that they look well-defined, luscious and beautiful. The lip makeup should be complementary to the eye makeup. Suppose, you have done smokey eyes, you should apply a light shaded lipstick or simply a lip gloss. Similarly, if you have created the classic eye makeup style, you may use a bright colored lipstick like red, pink, etc. All such cool makeup ideas for lips, comes with common observation and experience.

Whichever shade of lipstick you wish to use, you need to apply it in the right manner. This is the only way that you can create a natural and appealing effect. Always keep your lips well-moisturized. This will help you put on lip makeup anytime and anywhere. Begin lip makeup by applying a lip balm or moisturizer. This will keep your lips hydrated for long, and thus will prevent flaking of the lipstick. Use a lip liner to outline your lips. The lip liner should be a shade darker than your lipstick. Apply lipstick on your lips. Do not exceed the lip lining. When done, again apply the lip liner to define the shape of your lips. This step will provide you an additional benefit of preventing the lipstick from smudging around your lips over time.

With the above given cool makeup ideas you can rock any in-house gathering, official meeting, sports meet and even vacation. You only need to apply makeup the way, which can make you look appealing and beautiful. To put on makeup like an expert, you need to practice hard. So, spend some time experimenting with different makeup styles to find the most suitable shades and brands of cosmetics for yourself.


Best Makeup Remover for Oily Skin , Dry Skin and Sensitive Skin

All of us take great pains to look beautiful. Makeup products come in really handy in hiding our flaws and accentuating our assets. We spend hours in front of the mirror shaping our eyebrows with a pencil and curling our lashes with a mascara. Painting our lips and concealing our wrinkles becomes a part of our routine. Water proof makeup products make sure that our efforts get paid by holding on our makeupthroughout the day. But what happens at night, when you return home, tired from work? Do you take as much efforts to remove your makeup or you simply slump onto the bed and doze off? Many of you might have tried to remove your eye makeup with soap and water and ended up looking like a raccoon. If you want to really free your skin of makeup, without damaging it, you need to go for the best makeup remover available for your individual skin type. More on skin care.

There are many hazards of sleeping with your makeup on. The ingredients in foundation, blush or lipstick may irritate your skin and clog your pores. This may result in acne outbreak. Eye makeup can be particularly dangerous as the cosmetic ingredients may enter your eyes and cause several infections. Allowing these cosmetics on your skin for more than the intended time can cause irreversible damage to your skin. Hence, it is a must to chalk out a makeup removal routine and adhere to it. More on eye makeupremover.

Best Makeup Remover for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin you sure must be using makeup products especially formulated for sensitive skin. However, it is equally important to choose a makeup remover that caters to the need of your skin type. Since, sensitive skin tends to get irritated easily, a natural cleanser is apt for such skin type. Olive oil, jojoba oil, castor oil are some natural makeup removers for sensitive skin. If you are going for commercially available makeup removal products, make sure it is free from alcohol and perfuming agents. Alcohol dries up the skin and makes it itchy, which can be a problem with sensitive skin. More on lip makeup remover.

Best Makeup Remover for Dry Skin

Most makeup removers for sensitive skin also work for dry skin. Cleansing milk is one of the most effectivemakeup removal product for dry skin. It gently removes the makeup and cleanses the skin, so that no residue is left. Dry skin also benefits a great deal from using natural makeup removers mentioned above. Alcohol based products are harmful for dry skin, hence go for oil based products. Oil based products are apt for dry skin as these products dissolve the oil in the makeup products.

Best Makeup Remover for Oily Skin

Best makeup remover for acne prone skin or oily skin is the one which does not leave a greasy feel behind. Thus, oil based makeup removal products are definitely not for oily or acne prone skin. Oil based makeupremovers indeed remove the makeup effectively, but they often leave an oily, greasy residue behind. This may clog your pores and lead to more acne. Hence, if you must use them, always remember to wash off these products from your face. Alcohol based makeup removers work well for oily skin type.

Makeup removers are also available in pads and towelettes. These pads are saturated with cleanser, hence you only have to wipe them off your face. They are very effective in removing waterproof eyemakeup. These makeup removal products are also very convenient to use while traveling. The othermakeup removal products come in the form of gels or liquids and you need to apply them with a cotton ball.

A best makeup remover gently removes the makeup and prepares the skin, so that you can apply newmakeup on it, the next day. Keep your makeup removal routine simple so that you are likely to follow it.

The Latest Makeup Application Trend That Gives Fabulous, Flawless Results in a Application to Enhance One’s Makeup

Airbrush makeup techniques is being seen as a revolution in the world of beauty and fashion. It was first used in 1922 in the movie Ben Hur and its popularity has been on the rise ever since, gaining the maximum momentum in recent times. The advancement in technology has brought about a lot of improvements in the way airbrush as makeup can be used. Now, its use is not just limited to makeup artists and professionals, anyone can use it easily, even on a daily basis. But like anything else, airbrush makeup techniques also has its advantages as well as disadvantages, which you should know about before you venture into its use.Airbrush Makeup Techniques
The airbrush makeup technique is similar to that of airbrush painting. Airbrush makeup is applied by spraying makeup on the face or body using equipment that converts makeup into a fine mist to enable it to be sprayed. The airbrush makeup equipment or airbrush makeup kit basically consists of a sprayer, a compressor, a hose and products like foundations and pigments that are required for makeup application. The makeup can be sprayed anywhere on the body, even on the eyes, lips and hair. A good quality airbrush will cost you around $75 to $150 and you should invest in an airbrush kit so that you get a good hang of how to use the airbrush makeup and the airbrush makeup machine.

Airbrush Makeup
The airbrush spray makeup is specifically made for the purpose of airbrushing. An airbrush makeup mainly consists of fine pigments, solvents, additives and resin. A good quality airbrush makeup will be formulated using natural additives like mineral pigments, glycerin, vitamin E, aloe vera etc. The products are mainly water based and are free of any kind of fragrance or odor, which makes it absolutely safe for use on any skin type and even for daily wear purposes. The airbrush makeup equipment utilizes the most tiny molecule of the makeup product and oxidizes it so that it provides high opacity when sprayed. This is what gives a flawless, perfect and even skin tone after the application of airbrush makeup.

Airbrush Makeup Application
Application of airbrush makeup is easy. You will need to follow the instructions that come along with the start up kit. For application of makeup on specific areas like only the lips pr only on the eyebrows, you will need to use a stencil. You can even highlight your hair using airbrush pigments which will last until you shampoo your hair the next time. So do not worry about experimenting, its risk free! After application of the makeup, make sure you wait until it dries, else it might get messy and will not last very long. Remember to use the makeup conservatively to avoid re-application of the airbrush makeup.